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At Chase, we care about our people. You're not a number on the bottom line—you’re an individual, with hopes, dreams, aspirations and a unique set of talents. As the leader of our Carson Valley office I believe in supporting my agents and helping them reach incredible new success. I’ll work with you to grow your business and leverage your strengths, using the latest tools and techniques to help you design a life you truly love.

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Fully integrated, single sign-on; one place for everything the Chase HUB is the central communications backbone that connects you to the entire brokerage. It’s the single place you go to access everything you need to run your real estate business.

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HUB Marketing Suite

Simple automated marketing tools that save time and drive business.

The HUB Marketing Suite is a collection of services that offer everything you need to impress your clients, driving new, repeat, and referral business. Reach more people, strengthen your relationships, build your brand, and win more deals all through our selection of professional marketing tools and become a more productive agent and better understand every client. Build lasting relationships with buyers and sellers and close deals faster.


Shared Services HUB

One stop service center for all your business needs.

Our Shared Services HUB offers you and your team seamless onboarding, financial planning, concierge marketing, mortgage and title services all in one place. This all in one approach creates an effortless experience for your transactions.



What other agents are saying...


Ellie McIntire


Kari is a wonderful broker. She is always there to encourage and support all of her agents. She allows her agents to sell real estate in their own individual styles and helps us to figure out what our strengths are and how to strengthen our weaknesses. Always a positive and uplifting voice in our often hard and chaotic field of work. She is one of the reasons why I love being an agent for Chase International and I owe a lot of my success to her!


Kate Emory


Kari is my favorite person at Chase International Real Estate, she is a fantastic managing Broker. She welcomes new agents to the field, and answers any questions you may have. She is also warm, down to earth, and she loves to help others. I am so blessed to work with her, thank you for everything you do Kari!


Christine "Corky" Woodcock


Thank you so much for turning the Carson Valley office into a very enjoyable work environment. I’m so thankful for all the changes that I have seen since you took over. Your leadership makes me want to come to the office and work. I really appreciate all the training you have put together. It's nice to be able to get training without having to go to Reno. The accountability group has been great! You have recruited a lot of great agents. And because of the accountability group we have become friends. Which is another reason the office environment is inviting. Your office door is always open for all my questions whether they are repetitive or stupid, you always answer them. Hope 2018 is a great year for all of us. Thank you for your leadership.


Annette Brooks


Kari Begovich is by far the the best broker I've had the pleasure of working for in 22 years. Kari is upbeat, knowledgeable, fair and always puts her agents' best interest first. Kari's management style creates an environment that allows each agent to thrive, set and attain new goals and to perform at the highest level. Kari is truly an asset to Chase International!


Jeanelle Hardin


All I need to say is that Kari is legit. She knows the industry, she knows the game and most of all how to maneuver through it and execute transactions. I’ve never had a question she couldn’t answer or she couldn’t guide me to the information I was looking for. I feel so blessed to have found Kari, Chase is a great brokerage and I love their philosophy, but ultimately Kari is why I chose this office.


Lorilyn Chitwood


Kari always has my back!


Jim Schuessler

Retired Chase Realtor®

Having been a REALTOR for nearly 16 years, I have had the opportunity of working for half a dozen Real Estate Offices, both large and small, and feel very qualified to shed light on the values and benefits of our broker, Kari Begovich, as well as Chase International overall. As most of us have come to learn, a good broker is like a good lawyer - you really don't want to hear from them until something goes wrong - and then they better be there, by your side, either getting you out of the jam you just got yourself into, or, helping you avoid the jam you were about to get into. Kari is so knowledgeable about the rules and regulations that most tend to ignore, while sharing that knowledge in a calm and thorough manner - no lectures, just great help. Her demeanor around the office makes for a relaxed work environment and so improves your ability to focus on the job at hand. Kari is by far the best broker I have worked with in my 16 years at this. When I interviewed for the position at Chase, I had to admit that I was wrong about my own sense of worth. Over the years I came to firmly believe that I didn't need an organization around me to help with my business, while bleeding me dry with huge monthly office fees - when it was me all along that brought in the business. Again, I was wrong - At this stage I don't need a lot of hand holding, but I was missing the infrastructure, the organization that was ready to help whenever I needed it. Even as a highly seasoned veteran of the Real Estate business, hardly a day goes by that I don't appreciate the systems in place here at Chase that I'd been missing for several years.

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